Do you offer any used food trailers?


For several reasons, we do not.
  •  Health and fire safety codes: Mobile food is growing rapidly, and because of this, health departments and fire marshals are constantly changing their codes. We want to make sure the food trailers we are building are in line with the most up-to-date codes. In some situations, currently operating businesses can also be given a grace period to comply with new codes, but if the trailer changes ownership, it will be required to be current with all codes. This can take a lot of extra time and money that was not planned for.
  • Warranty: Buying something used might be a great solution for some, but it also is very high risk. Equipment that is not properly maintained and cleaned well can create a lot of problems. If something does go wrong, all repairs and expenses will be out-of-pocket.
  • Customization: We also want to make sure each food trailer is created for our customer’s exact needs. Building them from the ground up at the time they are ordered is the only way to do that. To do this, we provide unlimited free quotes and layouts so that we can make sure to get it right.