How do I operate the electrical and water systems on my trailer?

Electrical, plumbing, and maintenance are all good things to be knowledgeable about when operating your food trailer.

How is the trailer powered?

All of our trailers come with a full electrical system. This includes a panel box in the trailer that has fuses that control the individual outlets and electrical components. That panel box is powered by an outside electrical source (either a generator or hard-wired outlet) with the appropriate electrical plug.

How do I operate the Electrical System?

All of our trailer have a 12v system and a 120 volt system.
12v System
The 12v system runs through the battery in your trailer and is connected to a small fuse box. This fuse box is typically next to your panel box. The lighting, water pump, and even your electrical awning will run on this system. 
120v System 
This is your main electrical system where all the outlets run to the panel box. It's important to note which breakers are associated with which outlets. 
How do I operate the Water System?